Matthiasson Chardonnay Napa Valley Linda Vista Vineyard ’19

Region: California, Napa Valley, United States
Varietal(s): Chardonnay, White
Size: 750 ml
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Cause Supported: The Environment


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Style: Full Bodied


Vintage: 2019

Practice: Organic, Vegan

Matthiasson Chardonnay Napa Valley Linda Vista Vineyard ’19

Winemaker Notes

Golden Delicious apples, yellow peaches, musk melon, and honey on the nose and through to the palate, the medium acidity is balanced by pleasant fleshiness, finishing very clean with a hint of minerality. Refreshing and with moderate alcohol, this wine is all about pleasure, begging to be drunk up, with some oysters or a roast chicken and a big smile.

For complexity, completeness, and balance, Matthiasson achieves a diversity of ripeness by using the traditional method of harvesting the fruit a number of different times during the ripening period. The earlier harvests contribute acidity and minerality, and the later harvests contribute flesh and richness. Matthiasson whole-cluster presses all of the grapes, then ferment and age the wine in seasoned French oak barrels, with only native yeast. No battonage (lees stirring) or racking. Matthiasson allows two-fifths of the barrels to go through malo-lactic fermentation.

2019 was a cooler and late year, but Matthiasson allowed more of the fruit to hang longer into the fall, resulting in a balanced and full wine. The moderate alcohol and mouthwatering acidity that is a trademark of that vineyard is very much present, balanced by a riper luscious creaminess.

The pH is 3.24, the TA is 7.7 g/l, and the alcohol is 12.2%. 3317 cases produced. CCOF Certified Organic grapes.


In 2011 Matthiasson leased the Linda Vista Vineyard. The West Oak Knoll area where Steve and Jill Matthiasson lives is one of the classic Chardonnay spots in Napa, going back to the 60s, when the climate here was considered too cool for full-bodied reds. The cool winds and clay soils here preserve zesty acidity and freshness, while the Napa sun provides richness and ripeness. Leasing the vineyard and farming it ourselves gave us the control to feel comfortable producing a challenging and iconic variety like Chardonnay, where crafting “balance” means walking a razor’s edge in a genre with such iconic examples.

The vines were originally planted in 1989 by Beringer, and the Matthiassons are proud to take their turn caring for them as the vineyard reaches a true maturity.

About the Winery

Matthiasson is a family endeavor, the effort of Steve and Jill Klein Matthiasson, and their two young sons. Steve & Jill both have had life-long careers in sustainable agriculture, and they apply those ideals of balance, restraint, and respect for the individual—and for the whole—to their wine.

Production at Matthiasson is simple but careful. This concept is central to the tradition of viticulture and winemaking. Respect for this tradition forms the core of their work. To that end, their hands literally touch every vine and every bottle.

Matthiasson moved to Napa in 2002. In December 2006, they took their wine plans another step forward and bought a small parcel tucked behind a subdivision just west of the city of Napa. They began replanting the property’s 3 1/2 acres of vineyard to an initial lot of Ribolla Gialla – traced back to Josko Gravner’s vineyard in Friuli — Merlot, Refosco, and Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2009 Matthiasson had the chance to plant a vineyard on the West slopes of the town of Sonoma. The Michael Mara vineyard is now one of the most sought after sights for Chardonnay in California. Steve also farms a few parcels in Napa for their signature blends.

These blends have revolutionized the idea of thinking outside the single varietal and sourcing grape varietals from their most appropriate locales up and down the Valley. Steve has also redefined the term “ripeness” in California in terms of picking wine grapes. Matthiasson currently picks 3-4 weeks before most of his neighbors. However, as each vintage moves on, there are more and more of farmers following the lead of Steve Matthiasson and following the trail that he is blazing through California

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