Its been more than a year.  A year and about four months of work, analysis, reshape, refining and NOW - just gotta put the boat out in the water and find the holes.  What started to take shape over a dinner conversation is now close to reality and "live".  Oh boy!

Over the next several weeks, we'll have product loaded into our warehouse, announcements go out to our team members, (hopefully) a growing audience of hosts, entrepreneurs and customers.  All centered around a couple key tenants outlined below.

Our main goal @Mercantile is to promote regenerative organics on behalf of farmers and producers from around the world.  By the end of this year, we hope to have 90% of our revenue tied to the sale of wines and other foods that these great folks have dedicated their lives to produce.  Second, we'd like to promote these wines and products while supporting other "hero's" in the world.  Every sale @Mercantile will generate dollars dedicated to specific causes in the US.  By the end of our first twelve months our goal is to be able to donate more than $50,000 to non-profits and NGO's here in the US.  Finally, Mercantile was created to help empower all of you who want to help your family, your community and yourselves by generating an income or an additional income by promoting our wines and products that do good in the world.  While we're beginning our journey focused on California to start, our goal is to have 500+ entrepreneurs and hosts working with our wines and promoting our partner's products by the end of year one.  Based on the amount of interest and inquiry, we'll begin to grow to other states and regions.

It will not be easy, it never is.  But we have to start down this path to do a better job to support the groups that are committing their lives to better our lives.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get this far - couldn't have done it without you.  Look for regular updates here with regards changes and new items @Mercantile.  Best!