Mercantile & Co teams up with wine entrepreneurs, schools and non-profits so they can make money marketing our wines to their network of supporters, friends and clients. Up to 25% of every sale goes to charity.

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Paul C. had an incredible sale last month and on just a single order, generated over $600 for himself!  You too can make up to 25% on every sale you make @ Mercantile & Co.

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Sign up your cause of choice or non-profit!

Each month we partner with dozens of new PTA's, schools and non-profits, allowing them to raise funds directly for their cause.  Sign up your cause today and raise money for it throughout the year - It only takes a minute! 

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Through your support we have managed to make a difference in the lives of so many.

We are sincerely grateful and excited for what the future holds.
We raise a glass to you - Mercantile Family.  Thank you!