About Mercantile & Co

Our history and origin

A Brief History


The folks who founded Mercantile & Co started importing wines to the US.  While friends were "climbing the ladder" in the corporate world we turned our backs and followed our hearts. Always curious about food, drink, history and culture, we scoured the globe, looking for producers who were authentic to tradition, sensitive to their ecological footprint, farming like their great-grandparents; often enough on hillsides and using minimal interventions.


After nearly a decade, building up a substantial wine "family", we felt the need to break the standard yet again, but this time within the act of wine sales and marketing.  We had developed a portfolio of family-owned and operated wineries that were making unique and tasty wines, sustainable and largely organic or biodynamic.  Because they spent so much time in the vineyard perfecting the product, we felt they deserved more of our attention to help them sell and market their wines.

We realized in order to do our winemaking partners justice, we had to find a new way to develop awareness for their products.  They are simply too busy farming, to be made to figure out marketing and sales too.  And, customers increasingly demand to know more about where their food is coming from, the people behind it, the farming practices and the regions the wines are coming from.

Finally, it was at this time, we began learning more and more about "regenerative organics".  Farming practices that include not only suspending herbicide and pesticide use, but adding back - building organic structures to create nutrient rich soil which in turn generates better food and helps to sequester carbon in the soil.  Composting, cover crops, no/low till practices, polycultures of various crops, all of these practices working together to make better food while improving the environment.


We began laying the groundwork to launch Mercantile & Co, a new way to sell and market wine in the US.  We work directly with producers and import partners alike.  Getting the full scoop so we can share it with our customers.

Our team of "Entrepreneurs" come to your home. They host a tasting event and tell the stories, grows awareness and translates what our producers, our farmers are doing in the vineyard directly.  By sharing stories with family and friends our stories become your stories.

AND, to top it off, for every bottle purchased, a portion of the sale goes to a nonprofit cause. A wīn win for all.

Thank you for your support, our family of producers, charities and entrepreneurs greatly appreciate your generosity.

~All one, All love,

The Mercantile & Co Team